What drives your work, what is your why?

My “why” is that I truly believe that everyone has value and my work allows me to support the processes for people to uncover their hidden value or eliminate the barriers to them expressing their value.

What is the moment/event/situation that inspired you to enter the field you are in now?

There wasn’t one moment but my overall orientation and belief in the potential of humanity. It’s always been there as far as I can remember. I’ve just been able to express it through different work opportunities.

What do you believe best prepared you to be successful in your career?

I think having an accounting background and a passion for business helped me understand how I could apply these tools and knowledge in different ways

Who is the mentor that has made the most impact in your life and why? What was the best advice they gave you, and how has it stuck with you throughout your career?

I have had many mentors and role models along the way, I take a little bit from different people which has culminated in me being the sum total of a variety of perspectives.